Why you should get your teeth cleaned every 6 months

Some people might wonder if cleaning your teeth every 6 months is necessary, especially if you brush and floss daily. As a dental office, we certainly believe so and here is why:

  1. Having your teeth professionally cleaned every 6 months allows the Hygienist to use their special instruments to remove plaque from your teeth that your toothbrush and floss are unable to get before it eventually hardens into tartar. This preventive method can help prevent decay and gum disease, both problems that can result in future dental problems.
  2. Getting an exam twice a year allows the Dentist to check your teeth and look for any signs of decay or changes from your past visit. While you won’t need x-rays with every 6 month visit, having a dental exam can help identify and correct small dental problems before they get worse.
  3. Some people need to actually be seen more often than 6 months. If you have a fast rate of decay and tend to get cavities quickly, it is important that you not only go twice a year but possibly more frequently to help prevent dental problems. Other candidates who may require more frequent visits include smokers, diabetics, pregnant women, and those who already have been diagnosed with gum disease.
  4. Most dental insurance companies pay for two cleanings and exams a year so you might as well take advantage of a benefit you already pay for.
  5. Best of all—don’t you love how your teeth feel after they are professionally cleaned?



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