5 Things You Never Knew About Your Teeth

Cleaning our teeth by brushing them, flossing them and using a rinse are activities that we do every day without thinking too much about our teeth. However, consciously taking care of our teeth is essential not only for the beautiful smile we all want, but for our general health as well – here are five things that are important to know about teeth, but are not common knowledge:

  • The enamel on your teeth is the hardest substance in your entire body.
  • Wisdom teeth are disappearing – our jaws are becoming shorter with evolution, so much so that many children nowadays are born without having space for wisdom teeth in their mouths.
  • Frequent snacking can hurt your teeth – whenever you reach out for your favorite snack, your teeth come into contact with acid, so the more frequently you snack, the more your teeth are affected.
  • You should spit out toothpaste, but you should not rinse it – most toothpastes contain fluoride that play an important role in protecting your teeth against cavities. The longer the fluoride stays in your mouth, the more efficient the protection it provides.
  • Gum disease is linked to other conditions as well – gum problems are usually caused by infections that can be associated with other health problems, including diabetes and heart problems, so be sure you come to the office as scheduled.


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